Winter Wonderland

Christmas theming can sometimes feel over used, same decoration, same music and same traditions. Thats what I love that about Christmas!

Growing up in Dubai we never had snow for Christmas, actually the coldest it ever dropped to was 15 degree which we found freezing.  We would take out the massive metal box of Christmas Decoration, roll out the lights and start organising the decoration. We only used Red and Gold with random ornaments we collected over the years. We never really experimented with a Winter wonderland theme until I decided one year that I will take over the decorations.

This sparked a theme that I love so dearly, Winter Wonderland. A previous Christmas Party I organised was for Waldorf Hilton London’s Christmas Staff Party. We created a winter wonderland theme with a strict dress code of blue, white, black and gold. Decoration was simple with silver table runners, white trees, blue lighting and silver chair bows. We organised a backdrop of snow peaked mountains with trees and moving animals.

PM me if you want the contact for the supplier.


Fun fact – I was 14 years old when I saw snow!

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