I promise to stop ranting about Liverpool but it’s was such a great trip that I must share it!

So first timers in Liverpool, if you are there for travel or work here is some great things you might want to know!

  1. Stay near the water front. There are so many beautiful and budget friendly hotels that are on the water front! Also that are walking distance to a variety of restaurants and bars!
  2. Museums are mainly free besides the Beetles museum, you will be paying a steaming rate for that! If your a fan go for it, but if not, run! There are so many fun things to see for free like the Slavery museum.
  3. Food and drinks society. Liverpool’s know how to party. The best thing is they are all walking distances. Perfect for the aftermeeting dinner, drinks and clubbing scene!
  4. Bakery. Rough Hand Made is one of the best bakery’s I have stumbled on. It’s authentic family run kitchen with mouthwatering options it’s just what I need! I did speak to them to open one in Edinburgh. But seems they are only in Liverpool! Rude.
  5. Photogenic city. The architecture is breathtaking and unbelievable.

There are numerous things to see and do when you are in Liverpool as you can see!

PM me if you want an on-site on other ideas to do and see xoxo

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