Happy Halloween! 

Count down is over! Hope you all have the festive spirit like I do. There are 3 types of Halloween goers, there is the sexy witch, the scary witch and there is the which movie should I watch next? We all know someone like that! But which one are you? 

Yesterday I actually celebrated my Halloween at YMCA woman’s shelter where I volunteer which was quite fun! We made zombie strawberries, Oreo spooks and Mummy Sausages. It was chaos but so much fun! 

I dressed up as Luke Skywalker with a make shift outfit and a cape! Other went as Alice in Wonderland and a Pirate. For the festivities yesterday I made a Mummy cake which had brains inside oozing out when you cut into it. Due to the excitement I only took two photos and here they are!

Today however I made my own orange carving and chocolate skull with fresh coconut shaving, almonds, salt and chilli flakes.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Hope you have a spooktacular evening!

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