Spotlight Sunday – Muay Thai

Muay Thai also known as Thai Boxing is a traditional martial art from Thailand that combines 8 limbs; elbows, fists, knees and shins. I found this magical sport in January and never looked back. I trained with Team Tieu in a range of Gymbox locations. The trainers where machines but lovely, class mates became family and this was the best escape not only for me. We became a community and became each others support network in the hustling streets of London. If you are in London, I would recommend signing up with them. The Tieu family and coaches are all excellent fighters themselves. Get trained by them and also watch them fight! The next competition is 10th November where Carlton Tieu will be fighting at MTGP!

Now I have moved to Edinburgh, I train with Hanuman boxing club. Roan and Wojtek are unbelievable. I have learned new techniques each class I attend and they are not shy in correcting you and teaching you how to improve. It’s rare to find this in a class situation! From beginner to pro, they really push you to be a better fight! One thing people do not know is how humble and sweet fighters are. They may kill you in the ring but so far they are the nicest people I have met.

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