Using your money right – Halloween

As we only have 11 days left until Halloween, attending an event or hosting a party can become quite expensive. You have to think about your costumes, candy, food, alcohol, party supplies and decor. It really is best to purchase these items in advance to ensure you do not get ripped off and pay silly prices due to poor planning.

One point I did notice is pumpkin carving. Now, I am what you would call an unskilled artist when attempting to carve a pumpkin. I never took real interest in this as I was rubbish at it. The skin was too difficult to carve through, it smelt and I did not have the right tools. So when I was 14, I decided to use oranges instead. In Dubai pumpkins are a fortune especially if you want to purchasing one for each guest. Oranges are a great alternative to get the same effect and you can use the orange juice for a punch.



Photo above is the spooky glowing oranges that my friends and I created at University.  Not only is it easy to do, everyone can get involved and it doesn’t take 2 hours to do.



PS. Add a battery tealight and dot them around the house or as centrepieces! PM me if you want more cost effective ways to enjoy Halloween this year.


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