Using your money right – Sponsorship

Hosting conferences and events can ultimately become expensive especially when you think about give aways. Many public events use sponsorships to assist the running of the event and its supplies. Should it be your first time hosting a conferences, one thing you do not take into account are the small intricate details such as pens, paper, bags, give aways toys, lanyards, name tags, etc. However you do remember the AV equipment and F&B.

In order to use your money right, find investors who would like to sponsor items such as pens, papers, entertainment or venue hire. Locate a sponsor who has a positive reputation or association towards your company. By commencing a relationship can flourish into numerous opportunities in the future.

P.S. most companies marketing budget will allocated resources for specific sponsorships depending on the cause or exposure they will receive in return. Always good to ask!

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