Spotlight Sunday – Vegan Cakes

I am not a vegan, however due to some complicated allergies, my body said no to egg and milk over the past few years. So what does a person do without milk and eggs in a cake? Well I used many amazing tools such as my sisters chef books she never opened and got to reading. What I learnt is not all vegan cakes are healthy. I actually created a vegan cake with over a kilo of sugar and sunflower oil. Can anyone say heart attack? So in order to actually be happy with my cakes I had to experiment with alternative options such as dates, dark chocolate, peanut butter, coconut oil, matcha powder and rapeseed oil.


Why cakes?
I wanted to create something that I can share. I don’t actually eat all the cakes I make. Weekly I volunteer at YMCA Woman’s Shelter and bring a cake for all the ladies and the volunteers. I also make a cake for the homeless who I have already got to know very well. The point of this post is not to highlight what I do, but what you can do with what you love to do. I love cake, so I make it and share it!


Share what you love!

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