Using your money right – Packages

Venues use packages to help bring the most popular combinations together making it easier for the guest and the planner. This also helps market a clear product or service with the items only listed which reduces any miscommunication. When it comes to conferences, the language we use is DDR (daily delegate rate), weddings have their own special packages, evening events have receptions and dinner packages. Quite simple really.

Only in some cases packages can actually be the more expensive alternative against a breakdown of costs. Always ask for a breakdown in costs to clearly analyse the cost comparison. For example ask for the room hire cost of each room, food and beverage costs, AV equipment costs, staffing costs etc. Ideally whatever they have advertised in the package. Calculate the package cost and the breakdown cost. You will see that one will exceed the other. Then it will be up to you to decide the best way to spend your money.

All in all, you want to make sure you are using your money right!

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