Photo Locations – Royal Mile

Oh the joys of standing in the cold while a photographer takes the 80th photo just to capture that perfect moment. If its a personal event or a corporate event, photographers are a must especially if you want to capture those ideal memories. However location of these photos are vital. When choosing a location, do take into consideration the location of where photos can be taken. I always recommend asking the location sales agent what people have done in the past, where they would recommend a group shots, if the venue lights can be adjusted and for secret staircases. As they know the location and property, they can provide the best options.

I recommend looking at locations outside of the actual venue. Areas such as gardens, monuments, staircases or unique architecture would be great locations for those perfect shots. If you have any additional questions do ask as I am happy to help!

I snapped two lovely brides who were on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. What an amazing backdrop to any event, especially weddings.

PS. Thanks Ladies for letting me snap you, you look beautiful xx

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