Using your money right – Ikea

Ikea is candy land for home owners, renters, students, children and pretty much everyone who has the time and interest in viewing different types of house setups! My sister could spend a full day (if you let her) in any Ikea and will touch each plate, curtain and chair she sees. As much as some people might think that is obscene, you still might find Ikea a great location for event supplies and equipment.

For the planners who want to create more of a ‘Do It Yourself’ event, Ikea will help and also keep it cheerfully cheap! Best examples would be for centrepieces, you can purchase different types of candle, variety of candle holders, different plants, candelabras, mirrors and bird cages. The photo of the candelabra below cost only £12.00 and the lantern costs £7.00. Both great options for centrepieces or decoration.


Need more tips? Just drop me a message x

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