Game of Thrones

If you have not heard about Game of Thrones, I am surprised you even have internet! I am currently in Edinburgh and not only does it feel like I am walking around King’s Landing and Winterfell combined, but the number of venues which offers an extravagant period buildings with its original architecture is plenty.

One location in the centre of Edinburgh is a perfect location for a Game of Thrones themed event. Edinburgh Castle. Check out the link, I do not need to explain why! Link:

Should you not be able to relocate, there are several easy ways to still capture the Game of Thrones theme event in your own home. Using only candles as lights, creating a large feast with long tables full of different meats, sauces and food from the earth (potatoes and carrots), chalices for guests to drink out of instead of normal glasses, procession torches should you have outdoor space, and many more. Within Game of Thrones there are different themes depending on the city you choose, I selected Kings Landing however should you choose The Wall, I have some amazing ideas!

PM me if you have hosted a similar event, or is interested in hosting one!



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