Spotlight Sunday – Focus Within

This post is about making sure you take time to focus within, who you are as a person, your hobbies, interested, what makes you horny and what makes you tick.

When planning your wedding, your 16th birthday or exhibit, you automatically place so much pressure on trying to make the ‘perfect day’. You probably spend all your day talking about every little detail and planning every minute of the day. I have seen many people get swept up with planning they forget to even plan their own life. Now if this sounds familiar, try not to make planning an event your soul purpose, it’s all about balance.

I realised that I used to eat, sleep and shit events, all day and every day. I am extremely passionate about events yet I needed more! Muay Thai keeps me fit and meditation keeps me focused (or sane as my closest friends would say). I try to meditate on a regular basis. A quick 5 minutes minimum each day helps me feel ready for the day. It is also a great tool to use if you struggle to sleep. Living in London I lived a fast paced life style and on several occasions struggled to fall asleep. Meditating and Muay Thai both helped me find a great balance and the sleep I needed.

If you have a tool that works for you, send me a message, I would love to know! x


The photo was taken in my usual spot where meditate overlooking Edinburgh.






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