Using your money right – Venue Equipment

When hosting an event, it is easy to get carried away with your spending. People see budgets as more of a suggestion but sadly, we tend to over spend especially in personal events.

Circling back to my previous posts on location and theming. It is vital to ask the venue for a list of equipment available to use. Either included or with an additional cost. This can save you money and time finding suppliers, organising schedules for delivery and collection, ensuring they have the correct paperwork. It can become a bit overwhelming especially when corresponding to 10 different suppliers. Using the theme of Harry Potter, most venues have candelabras and tea lights as standard centrepieces, this is a perfect example of keeping the costs low as most venues include this with their price. Some suppliers charge as much as £20 per candelabra not including delivery, setup or collect fees. Additional items to create the atmosphere is up lighters, sound systems, projectors (moving clouds or stars), red carpets, black table linen, chair covers, dance floor, table mirrors etc. By asking a simple question to the venue can save you a few hundred or thousands of pounds alone.

Personally candles creates a warm and inviting environment, its always a must in my books especially for a centrepiece.

If you have any additional questions on what to ask the venue, do send me a message. x

Stay tuned for tomorrows post on working on within.




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